8 October 2019

Topiary Love...❥

Topiaries are fun.
They are stylish and artistic.
Topiary adds a whole lot of flair and even formality if you desire!
I'm a huge topiary fan.

So when I saw this 'Totally Topiary' shaped like a cone,
I had to have it!
They are an excellent choice for a container.
Also for creating symmetry at an entrance by planting in pairs.

The growth period for this plant is September to February in the Southern Hemisphere.
And that is also when you feed it with slow release fertiliser.
During this time the plant requires regular clipping to maintain the shape.
They will need repotting every two years if planted in a container.
You can also let it increase in size by trimming off the new growth following the line of the original shape.
That's what I will be doing as I'd like this darling to be twice as big as it currently is!

And I know you are all wanting to know what this little plant actually is...
well - it is 'Lonicera nitida'.
Perfect for Topiary because it has a super easy going nature.
It has quick growth and loves a trim.
The flowers are insignificant but hey, it's all about the foliage!
'Lonicera nitida' can be grown in sun or part shade.
I'm leaving it to settle in the new pot for a week or so, 
then I'll be snip, snip, snipping!

Note: plant sourced from Bunnings Garden Centre.

#topiary #foliageplants #pottedplants

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