8 February 2020

Easy Valentine Table Centerpiece

Valentine Table Centerpiece
Valentines Days will be here VERY SOON.
You want to make the dining or coffee table lovey,
and just a wee bit special.
Life is so busy.
You just do not have time to be super creative.
So here is your answer.
A simple, valentine day table feature that is super easy to prepare and super affordable too.

Just grab a wine glass
Some heart or love inspired fabric
And an open bloom rose.

Put the bloom head inside the upturned wine glass...

 Place the bloom head inside the upturned wine glass onto the scrunched up Valentine themed fabric...

Place a red candle or mini candles on top of the wine glass base...

Valentine Table Centerpiece
Light your candles.
And now you have a loved up but super easy to create table centrepiece!

#valentinedecor  #valentinetablecentrepiece

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