25 April 2020

Pickle Plant...❥

Well, ain't this just the cutest little succulent plant?

It's called a pickle plant.
because of its cute pickle like resemblance.
The official Latin name is Delosperma Echinatum.
Succulents are so easy to grow.
You just need the right conditions for them.  This one LOVES full sun.
And it is great for pots.

I found this little pot in the Garden Centre too.
So pretty with a gorgeous green decoupage effect on its glaze.

I'm placing this cutie now planted,
 on the corner of my office desk as it gets a lot of sunshine there.
Then eventually I will move it outside onto the little office deck!

Like all succulents, this will be easy to propagate...
by planting a fleshy pickle into a little soil to eventually grow a new plant.

Delosperma Echinatum.
Check out the cute yellow flower bud!

Delosperma Echinatum.
Which became this cute little flower!

Plant sourced from Mitre 10 Garden Centre.
Plant Pot By CC Interiors NZ.


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