7 February 2021

Self Care with Plants

Miniature Calla Lily
 Self care is a word thrown about in conversation quite a lot these days.

And rightly so.

For self-care I believe is key to a balanced lifestyle.

It is a conscious act that you as an individual takes to promote your own physical, mental and emotional health.

There the classic forms of self care like...

Fueling your body with healthy food choices.

Face to face (or as it is, currently via video) time with friends.

Quality time with family.

Getting enough sleep at night.

Cutting back on those over indulgences like chocolate and alcohol.

Exercising, yoga, swimming or playing a sport.

Singing, dancing.

Drawing, paining or crafting.

Or simply taking a stroll for some fresh air.

Immersing yourself in nature - a garden, the park, a beach, a bushwalk.

The list could go on.

But what do you do that you consider self-care that is not on that list.

What's something you do that you consider self care.

Or more importantly, if you do none of the above,

what one thing can you place into your life that will help with the feel-good vibes?

One thing I do for my own self care is to enjoy plants and flowers.

I'm really glad to see the resurgence of the popularity of house plants.

Fabulous self care practitioners!

I love flowers.

I often just go to the garden centre to wander around to enjoy the beautiful flowering plant varieties.

Yesterday I had popped into the grocery store for a few items and on the plant stand at the entrance was this beauty.Miniature Calla Lily

It is a miniature Calla Lily and it caught my eye immediately.

As my miniature white chrysanthemum on my deck table was due to be planted out into the garden, this darling came home to grace the table in all its glory.

Miniature Calla Lily

Yellow is my happy colour.

Yellow is my self care colour.

And these tiny calla lilies are so bright and sculptural in form.

Even the leaves are interesting.

So this yellow Calla Lily is my self care floral gift to myself.

And I will enjoy its beauty for weeks to come as I sit at my deck table at dusk waiting to see the sunset.

(Another thing I do for self care).

Miniature Calla Lily
Miniature Call Lilly Pot Plant Care Tips:

*Keep the soil moist but not soggy

*Bright light.

*Apply liquid fertiliser when flowering - once a week.

*Keep away from heaters and air conditioning vents.

*Reduce watering before plant enters dormancy over winter.

*Cut leaves off at soil level once they have died.

*Rest bulbs in a cool dark place in dormancy.

*Repot in Spring for next growing season.


(By the way - this Calla Lily was purchased from New World and cost $14.95)

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