2 July 2021

DIY Fringed Throw

DIY Throw

Isn't is funny what you remember from your childhood.

 Things like pretending builders sawhorses were our ponies, complete with reins and saddles.

And helping mum fray the edges to create a fringe on the homemade fabric doilies and coffee table runners she was making. 

Oh, how I particularly loved to do this.

And that 'fray' memory is what this blog post is all about.

DIY Throw

I purchased 2 x 2.4 metres of cotton fabric from Spotlight online.

DIY Throw

It has a loose weave.

Perfect for fraying.

And that really is the secret.

DIY Throw

The fabric has to have a weave that is not tight.

DIY Throw

As you need to be able to pick with a needle the individual weave strands to pull.

DIY Throw

Mum always stitched by machine about 1 inch from the edge around the entire fabric piece if she frayed all four edges. 

DIY Throw

If she only frayed the top and bottom,

she would roll, iron and stitch a small side seam after fraying was complete.

DIY Throw
So this is my frayed edge DIY fringed throw.

It was fun to make.

And in doing so returned to mind some lovely memories.

With its boho look, this throw is super pretty in the decor too.


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