16 May 2023

Bacon Wrapped Cranberry Schnitzel

Schnitzel recipes

One thing I love about my friend Joni May is her inventive savoury food!

This recipe is one she shared with me and it is sensational!

Savour the blend of tastes.

Schnitzel recipes

Schnitzel recipes
The thin pre-crumbed (available from the butcher or supermarket) succulent schnitzel meat and the cranberry.
Schnitzel recipes

The stuffing. (I used a dry premix in a packet brand)

Schnitzel recipes

Schnitzel recipes
Rolled together and secured by a bacon wrapping.
Schnitzel recipes

Oven Baked.

Left to rest.

Schnitzel recipes

Then slice and served warm with a salad of your choice.


You can make several adaptions to this recipe by adding chopped cashew nuts to the stuffing mix.

And if you love cream cheese, a layer of that over the cranberry jelly.

This recipe will serve two people.

For the printable recipe visit HERE.

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