7 February 2016

How To Create A simple Valentine's Vignette...

Bring a little love in the home decor for Valentine's Day with a vignette.
On a sideboard, Dining table or side table, this vignette is very simple to create.
I used a ceramic double vase, but you could swap that for a tall white jug for the heart branches, and a matching white shorter style vase for the roses.
The wooden letters were sourced at the dollar store, and cost $3 each letter.
The bonus is they were already painted and dotted with spots ready to use.
Hearts set 2
I used these small hearts
from http://www.firstpalette.com/tool_box/printables/heart.html
But they have a range of different hearts to choose from.

Use the hearts as a stencil to cut of some pretty papers.
Or print directly onto A4 size coloured paper.

Use as many hearts as you desire...
I used 32 hearts on my branches.

Punch a small hole in the top of each heart... 

and string with ribbon.
Hang your hearts onto the branches,
It did take a while (yes we are talking an hour!) to cut out and hang the hearts..

But don't they look cute?
The finished Valentines vignette just Shouts out 'LOVE'!

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  1. Very Nice Tracy... Very Cute too.

  2. Love the heart tree! Visiting from Life on Lakeshore Drive party.

  3. Love your ideas here. They're really pretty. Thanks for sharing them on the #HomeMattersParty


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