Valentine's For The Kids: : Strawberry Icys & Berry Flower Cupcakes...

Sharing Valentine's love with the kids is a simple as this:
Berry Flower Cupcakes...
And Strawberry Icy's!
Not only will they LOVE to devour these treats,
they will want to help make them too!

 Just whip up a batch of your favourite vanilla cupcakes.
And cool.
Drop and swirl a large teaspoon of raspberry flavoured icing on top.
Pop raspberries onto the centre of the cupcakes, and slice petals from strawberries.
Place as shown.
In a blender place 2 and half cups of milk, 3 scoops vanilla ice cream,
 and 1 tablespoon of sugar.
 A a good cup of ice.
And 1/2 cup chopped strawberries. 
Whizz and serve with the Berry Flower Cupcakes.
Valentine's for the kids = SORTED!

#valentines #cupcakes #strawberry

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