4 February 2016

Passionfruit & Pistachio Slice...

I know I say it all the time but...
this slice is DELICIOUS!
(But that could be because I LOVE passionfruit!)
It's unbaked...
It has pistachios and biscuit crumbs in it...
Combine those flavours with sweetened condensed milk 
and passionfruit...
(I have adapted this to use passionfruit topping but the original recipe uses fresh passionfruit.)
And you have 'eat it straight from the bowl' deliciousness.
But if you are well behaved, you will press the mixture in a slice pan, 
and ice the top with creamy passionfruit icing.
Then wait an hour or so, before you slice it into little squares.
This Passionfruit & Pistachio Slice will be devoured with glee...
Click HERE for the recipe.
The original recipe is from 'Gran's Sweet Pantry' By Natalie Oldfield.
You can buy the book direct from
It's full of fabulous sweet recipes that Natalie has collected from 60 Grandmothers from New Zealand and around the world.
A definite must have in the cookbook collection!


  1. Hi Mia, I don't think we have met before :) I was attracted by the word passionfruit. One reason is that I love passionfruit and the second is I thought you must be from this side of the world where passionfruit is more popular. I also share your love of photography, your photos are lovely. I am visiting from Snickerdoodle Sunday. I have two posts in there that you may find helpful for promoting your blog - The Pinterest Game and The Blogger's Pit Stop drop by and have a go. I love your recipe, I would imagine that one piece is never enough.


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