31 May 2016

New Scarf Designs...

Today is officially the first day of winter in New Zealand.
So what better day to share two new scarf designs in my collection...
Jazz up your wardrobe with these pretties...

This is a soft modal scarf that features an abstract wave pattern that has been inspired from my oil painting.
It is available here:

The second scarf also in soft modal features photography of a teacup and flowers.
Love dahlias?
Then you will adore this scarf called 'Teacups of pretty'.
It is available here:

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29 May 2016

A New Pot Plant Standard...

Do you ever go into the garden centre,
 and see a plant that is screaming at you 'make me into a standard?'
Well that is what happened with this Ficus.
The main trunk is so straight.
How more perfect is that!
I bought it with no idea where in the house it would go.
But once home decided it was time for a change in the French Masculine Bedroom.
I have had black wrought iron pieces on the side table for too long.
Time for something new.
Time for a pot plant!
So I just repotted the ficus into a bigger plastic pot that would fit inside the display planter.
Then trimmed the plant into a standard by removing the lower leaves.
A slight prune to round it a little was needed.
As the plant grows the shape will improve with regular trimming.
I always like to do this as a gentle slow process.
This fiscus variety is called 'Baby Ben'.
It's a variety that is great for topiary.
They like part shade, so the filtered light in the bedroom,
 and no draughts means it should thrive.
If you like the black & white photographs that are framed above the Ficus, 
they are available HERE on the Mia Bella Passions Photography page for your free personal use.

28 May 2016

Choc Chip & Banana Brownie...

It seems I have an over abundance of very ripe bananas in my fruit bowl!
Now that is a great excuse to make brownie don't ya think?
 Chocolate Chip & Banana Brownie to be precise!
 Serve warmed or cold.
With or without cream.
Too make it extra special add some custard.
 It's a very nice lunchbox treat too!
 You'll find the recipe HERE.
To make the stencil for the icing sugar I  printed a butterfly template from the net and cut it out.
Place on each brownie segment, sieve icing sugar over the top, and carefully remove the stencil.
(My gorgeous daughter came up with this idea and it really works!)
Chocolate Chip & Banana Brownie 
Nom Nom!

#brownie #chocolate #banana #baking #homemade  #cakedecorating

27 May 2016

Create, Inspire, Love #15

Welcome to 
Create, Inspire, Love

Once a month Mia Bella Passions will select something to share, 
from another creative, blog or website....
It may be: 
Create: DIY, upcycling, craft, or baking. 
Inspire: Art, sculpture, a quote or inspirational message.
Love: Or something I think you will love.

Today's Favourite is: 
Felt Fox Bookmarks 
created by Mandee at 
'Designs By Miss Mandee'

Felt Fox Bookmarks

are these cute or what?
Easy to make with tutorial guidance.
And a downloadable pattern.

Felt Fox Bookmarks

Visit via the link HERE.
And make your own felt fox bookmarks.

Feel free to copy the link & the 'I was featured Button' 

25 May 2016

Chocolate Dipped Peanut Cookies

So this is the cookie that is definitely the most moreish of moreish!
Is that even possible?
Believe me - it is!!
And they are SO SIMPLE to make, bake and dip.
 Three ingredients:
A 500 gram pot of crunchy peanut butter
1 Cup of caster sugar
1 egg
Mix together.
Roll into balls and press down slightly.
Bake for 8 minutes at 180 degrees celcius.
Remove from oven and cool
 Melt milk chocoalte.
 Dip each biscuit in the chocolate.
Leave to set.
(These are half dipped, but if you want a little more decadence - chocolate coat the entire top of each biscuit!)

Serve with coffee and devour!

#baking #homemade #peanutbutter #chocolate #cookies

23 May 2016

New Photographic Inspirational For YOU...

Have you got a mood or dream board?
I have two!
One in my office and one in my art studio...
The boards are covered in photographs and inspirationals - 
from quotes, art ideas,  garden and decor dreams.
If you are a regular to Mia Bella Passions blog,
you have probably worked out I am quite fond of photographic inspirationals.

This is the latest...a pretty peach dahlia,
with the words that 'Passion Changes Everything'.
Because I believe it does!

21 May 2016

Must Have Flowers - Always...

It is nearing the end of Autumn in New Zealand,
and the garden has taken on an autumnal hue of colours.
The light is changing, the temperatures cooling.
It is at this time of year I love to bring more flowers into the home decor.

Not fancy large floral arrangements,
but small containers simply placed here and there.
They just bring such joy into the decor.
Simple and cost effective.
Hand picked from your garden, a friends garden,
 or a price friendly bunch from the supermarket flower section.

This is the little french table in the red sitting room.

On it is a small collection of containers and candles.

The phalenopsis orchid has been moved here from the Master bedroom, so the flowers can be enjoyed.
It has flowered twice this year and is looking the picture of health.
I added a few interesting rocks to the bowl, 
which also help support the air roots.
Find out how to create your own orchid bowl HERE.

The small container has a jar inside, filled with water.
The flowers are camellias.

This camellia is called  'Setsugekka'.
This is an old Japanese variety.

It's a favourite.
Single white blooms with wavy petals and centre yellow stamens.
What I love is the stamens start off a pale, and as the flower ages they turn bright yellow!

This small corner of the red sitting room,

Is cosy and pretty...

Claude Monet said"
One must have flowers, always and always.
And I agree!

14 May 2016

Mini Planters For The Kitchen Window Sill...

Oh how I wish I had sills in my kitchen with depth.
But no - they are a mere 8cm wide.  
That is not even three and a half inches!
I see all these wonderful ideas for decorating the kitchen sills...
But I have never found anything, or any idea that will fit.
Of course a skinny vase, jug or bottle will. 
But they have all visited the been there done that basket!
Today I was at 'The Warehouse' store,
 where I found these cute little glass ceramic pots.
Nice shape and the perfect size for the window sill!
$5 each, marked down to $4, then $1.14.
Took them up to the counter and they were only 23 cents each!!!
What???   A whole 69 cents for the three cute pots!
Now that would have to be the bargain of the century don't you think?
So off I went to Mitre 10.
And purchased three mini pot plants.
The little plant pots were a perfect fit for the cute pots.
Total cost for the Kitchen Window Sill makeover - $9.60!
And I LOVE the look.
Crisp clean, and green!

11 May 2016

Look What's Been Happening In The Studio...

It has been a super crazy time in the art studio...
prepping for upcoming exhibitions I'm participating in...
creating  work for a fundraising exhibition...
and then completely wandering off task and painting flowers...
and watercolour ink birds!
Plus there's been a few competition paintings done.
(which I can't show you yet because it's secret squirrel stuff!)
Too many ideas...too much to create.
Both in the art world and the blogging world!
Yes - I admit it - I am a prolific painter!!!
If you didn't know - I'm in the studio painting four days a week,
with a few hours each day blogging.
Usually I have one blogger's day a week - when I create 'other' things.
It's busy - but I love what I do!
And I love sharing with you all.  :)

8 May 2016

My NEW 'OLD' Book...

I love books...
So I just had to share the latest in my collection.
A childhood dream was to become a librarian!
I never did do that,
 but I still LOVE books.
I love reading,
looking at...
and using books in crafts and DIY.
(this one's safe though - as it has the 'I'm special' label).

This book is so old.

Published in 1905 in fact.
It's worn, tatty and tired.
But for me it was love at first sight!
Just look at the gorgeous green embossed cover.
It is a beautiful book.

'Good Words' is full of short stories.
And wonderful black and white plates (pictures).
Here are a few:

But the one I adore the most is of the girl with the dreamy eyes.
Beautiful, don't you think?

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