9 August 2013

Welcome Door Sign...

I found this cute little silver platter in the thrift store the other day 
and thought wow I can do something with this!
It has the most beautiful detailing around the edge.
So out came the paint!
I wasn't feeling too bad about painting over it because I don't think it 'real' as it doesn't have any makers marks on it.
Using a gorgeous yellow colour, I applied two
coats to the middle, leaving the  detailing around the edge as is.
While it was drying I went on the net and found some free printables. 
http://thegraphicsfairy.com/ is a great place to look.
I couldn't decide on one so I printed three.  It took me a while to choose,
 but I opted for the bee.
Plus printed out a Welcome word using a pretty font.

The clever reasoning of this is hubby is learning all about bee keeping at the moment, 
so I thought he'd approve of my new piece of clutter!  (My plan worked!)
 Mod podge the graphics on to the platter.  
When dry, mod podge over the entire painted area.
 Then I made a wire hanger using contrasting coloured beads.
And here it is - the first part of my front entrance upgrade.
 It is so cute!
Bonus is - it is completely George proof!
Check in tomorrow and find out what I mean....
until then have a fabulous day.

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