17 November 2013

Felt Rose & Book Page Butterfly Wreath...

What's your colour theme for Christmas this year?
Every year I plan my decorating around a colour theme...
and this year I have decided to keep it more traditional 
with red, white and green.
Christmas wreaths are so much fun to create,
so using the willow wreath previously made
I made a ton of gorgeous wee felt roses to decorate it with.
All you do it cut strips of felt using the adage...the thinner the strip, the smaller the rose.
Roll a centre, 
then twist the felt as you tightly wind it around.
Hot glue the end and hold until the glue firms.
I made green, red and white ones... 
Which will be perfect for this years Christmas colour theme.
 I LOVE Christmas creating...
don't you?
 Once you have made your roses,
simply hotglue them around the wreath.
For the focal bow,
I made a bow out of red satin ribbon, but this was not quite right.
So I made another bow from green felt.
And it was perfect!
The book paper butterflies made the other day
were added...
If you want to know how to make these follow this link...
And it was finished!
A rather large but beautiful Christmas wreath.
Next on the list of 'Christmas Things To Do' is...
A porch sign.
What super fun Christmas is!

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