7 December 2013

DIY Christmas signs...

Sign making at Mia Bella Gardens was so much fun...
DIY Christmas signs to be precise.
I love the rustic look of pallet wood don't you?
Chopping up my pallet into usable pieces,
I thought I would make a JOY sign for the front porch...
And a BELIEVE sign for the sitting room.
I used red paint for the background of the 'JOY' sign, 
and white for the 'BELIEVE' sign.
The paint was just dragged across the wood in a random manner
as I wanted the worn look of the pallet to show through.
Now I am the worst calligrapher ever, 
so I cheated somewhat with my techniques.
 I simply created lettering using word and computer fonts.
Enlarged them so they were the right size to fit my pallet strip.
Printed them.
Then cut each letter out.
The BELIEVE word was modpodged directly onto to the pallet.
And it really did look good!
The JOY letters were used as a stencil.
Pencil outline on the pallet, 
then painted in white paint.
Outline using a black paint marker...
Give it all a coat of modpodge.
(These are not going to be in the weather elements,
but if they were, 
I would probably give the  a couple of coats of clear sealer instead of modpodge.)
And there you have a little bit of Chrstmas DIY...
 Fabulous 'JOY' and 'BELIEVE' signs.
The DIY Christmas sign creating did not end there...
was a definite much needed addition to the front porch, 
so for that, I used a precut MDF star.  
Painted it red.
Printed my lettering
 (again using computer and home printer)...
Touched up the black lettering with a paint marker pen...
Cut around the letters so it was tidy...
Modpodged on to the star board.
then painted in the same red used for the background 
around each black letter, 
(so the printed background blended better).
Modpodged over it all to seal it.
Then strung some natural string on it so it could be hung.

Fun DIY Christmas signs..
to welcome Christmas into your home.

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