6 September 2014

French Look DIY Mini Terrarium...

 There is so many inspirational ideas
 for DIY mini terrariums in Net land...
You can use moss, interesting rocks, small stones,
bulbs - like grape hyacinths,
mini varieties of orchids, 
and air plants (tillandsias).
Decorate with crystals, 
miniature fairy scenes,
 or just a singular mini item as a focal point.
Put your chosen selection 
into jars, big or small, cloches, fishbowls, lightbulbs or bottles!
I thought I would create one in a large mason jar,
but then I remembered tucked away in a cupboard
was this sweet wee terrarium that my son made many years ago.
It was perfect...
in a not perfect rustic kinda way.
 In the bottom I placed a small amount of fine bark.
Arabella (assistant editor) had a little help from Clea today 
with her usual pre 'next step' inspections...
With a flick of that chocolate coloured tail, 
Arabella declared 'you may proceed to plant!".
A larger piece of mossy covered bark was placed inside,
and a baby fern was planted...
 A tiny impatiens seedling joined them..
along with Eiffel Tower!
 A quenching spray of water to finish.
The mini metal Eiffel Tower 
is the perfect addition to the terrarium as a focal point.
 It is official!
I'm in love with it...
Anything French,  anything Eiffel tower -
and my heart is completely lost!
You would never guess what it really is though...
Shall I tell you?
This just has to be the cutest Eiffel tower pencil sharpener you've ever seen!
 The completed terrarium looks fabulous on the French side table...
 DIY Mini Terrarium with a tiny touch of French = LOVE!

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