22 November 2014

Peek-a-boo Heart Jar Candle Holder...

Peek-a-boo Heart Jar Candle Holder...
using Christmas themed music sheets,
a little ribbon and
a hint of lavender.
This is a sweet wee project for celebration decorating
 or to give as a gift.
Select a jar in a size you want.
IMPORTANT: Make sure the jar is heat proof
Print a music sheet -
or two if the jar is bigger as mine is.
I used this one:
Print a heart template:

Using a sharpie pen outline the heart in a centre position on the music sheet.

 Cut it out.

 Extend the music sheet to wrap around the jar if necessary 
by gluing another piece to it...

 Glue onto the jar
 with the cutout heart centred at the front.

 Add a few sparkles...
some dried lavender to the bottom of the jar...
and a ribbon or string bow.

Finally add a small candle or tealight.
Light and enjoy.
You'll smell the lavender as the jar warms up.

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