8 December 2014

DIY Quick Sew Christmas Table Runner Tutorial...

As you are all lovin' 
the DIY Table runner post with the beach theme so much, 
I thought I would do a step by step photo tutorial for you.
Lets make one in a fun red and white Christmas themed fabric 
(Available at Spotlight in New Zealand).

First step:

WASH the fabric.
Now I'm telling you this because I previously made a gorgeous runner,
washed it AFTER making, 
and it shrunk two sizes!!!
So ALWAYS wash the fabric before sewing it.

Step two:
Iron the fabric.
Fold in half lengthways.
Measure table length.
Work out the length to fit your table.
Cut fabric to length allowing at least 5cm extra each end for hemming.
 With right sides together pin across top of fabric 
and down the length side.
Turn out to right side. 
At this stage it is like a huge pillowcase.
Use a chopstick or blunt end knitting needle to poke corners out. 
Iron again so seems are even.
At the bottom opening fold a seam inwards as shown. 
 Press with iron and then pin with seams perfectly matching.
Sew .
On the other end sew exactly the same,
 so each end looks top stitched.
Press again with your iron.
 Place on your table.
(Aren't those reindeer just the cutest?)
Add a centerpiece. 
 And there you have it...
 A super simple table runner
Custom made the DIY way to fit your dining table.

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