11 December 2014

Hole punch paint dipped tin can lantern...

The white and silver Christmas tree display was glittering and sparkling,
but something was not quite right.
I needed just one more thing to balance the visual dynamics of it all...
so I whipped up this cute tin can lantern.
Remember making these as a child?
But instead of just doing the hole punching on the tin can, 
I decided to add a little paint.
This is where dip dye trend meets the tin can lantern trend.
The first thing you need to do is put water in the can,
or sand/water mix if the metal of the can is of a softer variety.
(Make sure you fill it to the top as once frozen, 
the can will then hold shape when you are punching the holes.)
Freeze it overnight.
Remove from freezer.
Punch two holes below the top rim of the can on each side
(this is where the wire hanger will attach).
Position your template...
and attach with tape to can.

Punch holes around the template outline on the tin can using a nail and hammer.
The bigger the nail- the bigger the hole size.
Then remove template and punch holes inside the outline.
When you are happy with the holiness,
let the ice melt and tip it out.
Dry the tin can.
In a container place acrylic paint in the colour you would like.
Dip the bottom/sides of the can in the paint.
Blot on paper and set aside to dry.
To make a hanger from wire, 
attach wire to can via one of the top rim holes.
This wire is available at Bunnings in New Zealand.
Twist and twirl the wire overhang 
by winding the wire around a pencil or dowel rod.
At the top of the hanger, make another twirl.
Poke wire through second hole on rim.
twist and twirl the overhang.
(Sounds musical doesn't it?)
Pop a candle inside.
Sit on a mantel, sideboard, table or make lots, 
and hang from the trees in your yard. 
I love the way the candlelight flickers through the holes in the tin can...
Now the white and silver Christmas tree vignette...
Is perfect!

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  1. Another great tin can project! I've pinned all of them :) Than,s for sharing at the Create With Me party! Get your "hanger" projects ready for next month!


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