DIY Crate Side Table...

 Take one old crate and paint it white
(or whatever colour takes your fancy!)
In a previous life this crate was purple and was a storage box for children's story books.

I inserted a new piece of wood to the table top.

Then painted it...
 You'll need a set of four swivel castors...
These quality mini industrial look castors are from Bunnings, 
and unbelievably were cheaper than the cheap looking  plastic model!
 Use a pen to mark the screw holes at each corner of your crate.
 Then hammer a slim nail a way into the marks.
This makes it easier to get the screw started and screwed on.
 Attach each caster this way.
Now your crate has four wheels.
How cool is that?
Use as a portable drinks table, a display table, in the home or on the porch
- you can tuck some magazines in the cubby.
Another idea is to use the crate table as a games table, using the cubby as a games storage shelf.  Perfect for the summer deck!
I've used mine as a lamp table/art book storage table in the art studio...

#crate #upcycle #diy #sidetable 

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