17 April 2015

Mia Bella Passions House Tour Continues - The TV Room...

                                            The TV Room is a small wing off the dining room.
                                     Even though it's snug, it is a great space to watch television, 
play games, listen to music or chat over tea and cakes...
 There is a French hall table under the window...
and on the bottom shelf sits a simple vintage book stack.
To create this DIY, pop over to the tutorial here:
This table is an antique hospital table.
And the chair is a 100 year old family heirloom. 
 A top of which sits French themed bits and pieces...
I love the detailing on this candle holder.
The art is original...
Irises in oil.
And an abstract in acrylics.

This chair is my favourite.
I love the textured fabric and the mahogany.
There is a lot of texture in this room, 
from cable knitted throws and pillows, to linen and smooth tactile leather.
 This room is home to two stags head cushions.
This one was only $12.50 from The Warehouse.
The tutorial on how to make the DIY mosaic tray can be found here:
and the mirror tray makeover is here:
The bottle holder is so cute, and I found this at a wonderful store called 'Navy And Coral'.
(For you local followers that is on Whakatane's Strand.)
The TV Room has French doors that open on to a covered deck.
There is a built in wall unit  for the TV, storage and displays of treasures.

 Birdcages and birds...
 A jug collection...
 This artwork on tin was painted by my Grandmother in the 1930s...
(perhaps a clue as to where I have inherited my love of aqua!)
A framed 1950's vintage postcard 
of the Eiffel Tower.
The recently made stag head silhouette cushion is placed on couch.
Tutorial  on how to make this is here:
 The couches are worn old leather, in a rich burgundy colour.
Then afternoon sun streams into the TV Room...
perfect as a lazy day book nook too.

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