9 June 2015

Another Paint It - GOLD - Project!

Have you ever bought something for the home décor online, 
thinking it would be fabulous?
And when it arrives in the post is NOTHING like the image you bought it from???
Well this is what happened with this darling...
French styled - tick 
Birds - tick 
colour - yuk - tick 
almost tacky - tick 
Does not fit anywhere in the house - tick 
Disastrous purchase - tick   
Try and fix said disastrous purchase...
paint the leafy green bird grey to tone the super bright colours down.
Looks a bit better now... and some may even like it...
But for me, it just wasn't right.
Into the cupboard it went, and it stayed - until it was painted white.
But I still didn't like it, so back into the cupboard it went!
I have seen on Pinterest how people are spray painting anything and everything white!
Kids plastic toys, ornaments, books, vases, book ends - EVERYTHING!!!
And as I am having a 'quite fond of gold' moment...
and the red sitting room has now developed accents of gold,
I Painted it gold, as well as an old vase I have had for 20 years.
Best idea ever - tick  
 I used White Knight Super Gold
(LOVE this paint as it has SUPERB coverage!)
Two items relegated to cupboard life
now...with a funky painted new style.
 Up-styled décor pieces that I'm now loving...Painted GOLD!

#gold #upcycled #diy

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