DIY Chunky Rope Pot Plant Hanger...

Let's create a cool chunky rope uptake on the macrame style pot plant hanger...
I am seriously I'm loving this look!
I used this rope, which is available at Bunnings.
I was difficult to decide what colour to choose...
It comes in red, blue, yellow or the green.
The Moda brand pot is lightweight so perfect for the hanger.
It is 18cm round.
You will need a large carabiner clip to hold the rope hanger.
Hang your carabiner up on the ceiling or as in my case deck roof using another strong hook.
Cut four lengths of rope at 3600mm each.
Thread each length halfway through carabiner so you have 8 lengths each at 1800mm.
This is when Arabella decided the rope was a new cat toy!
Make a large knot at the base of the Carabiner.
Trim ends to same length.
Take two ropes and knot together at about 250mm from the top knot...
Do this again but at about 150mm down from the first row of knots.
You now have two rows of knots at shown.
Split the rope as shown...
By taking one rope from each of two knots next to each other. 
Then at about 200mm make four knots.
This is where the pot will sit.
Check how your unplanted pot will sit, and tie a bottom knot under the pot.
I chose a Scaevola for this hanger, 
as they are VERY hardy.  
(I am hoping this means I will not kill it!)
The flowers are so pretty.
Scaevola almost has an interesting succulent like foliage...
I may have to make a few more Chunky Rope Pot Plant hangers,
 because it really looks fabulous!

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