31 July 2016

Carpe Diem Quote.

Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem

The meaning of this is thought to be:
'Seize the day'.
After all today will be yesterday before you know it.

This Latin saying is originated from the Odes Book 1 by lyric poet Quintus Horatius Flaccus,
 (65 BC - 8 BC)

(Did you know 'Carpe Diem' are the most Googled words)

So I am going to:
Carpe Diem today and every other day.
Will you join me?

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28 July 2016

Bailey's White Choc Mousse Pots....

Here is a super simple dessert for the adults who adore Baileys Liqueur...
Bailey's White Choc Mousse Pots.

This mousse has four ingredients!
Cream, gelatin, white chocolate and Baileys.
That is it!
All you do is melt a portion of the cream with the white chocolate.
Dissolve the gelatine in hot water.

Whip up the cream.
Combine all, and at the last minute - fold in the Baileys liqueur!

Deliciously creamy.
Sweet but not too sweet...

with that decidedly naughty hint of liqueur!

If you want to turn this into a family friendly dessert. 
Simply remove the liquor factor.
Once set top with diced pears, peaches or a berries.

What can one say...
either version is completely - NOM NOM!

Print the recipe HERE.

26 July 2016

Growing Rhododendrons In Pots...

I have always enjoyed rhododendrons.
I love the garden varieties that grow into beautiful large shrubs and trees.
Fabulous if you have a large garden!
But then I discovered they are incredibly easy to grow in pots.
There are many varieties available now with dwarf or small shrub status which are the best for using in pots.
Vireya rhododendrons can become waterlogged planted  in the garden,
and I have found these do particularly well in pots too.

I give my plants a spray using a general insecticide once in the spring,
and two or three times over summer to treat and prevent bug infestations like spider mite and mealy bug.

The beauty of growing Rhododendrons in pots is you can easily move them.
If you think it's not liking a certain position, 
move somewhere new, until the plants happy condition and growth let's you know you've got right!

Rhododendron and Azalea Care List:
* Use a good quality potting mix
*Use a long life fertiliser pellet
*Water regularly
*Spray with an insecticide in Spring and summer.
*Repot every two years.

And to thank you,
you will have a profuse blooming season.

Azaleas also grow exceptionally well in pots too.

I treat them the same as the rhododendrons,
with a spring and summer insecticide spray.

They need a lot more watering in the summer months,
but once they bloom you will be so happy.

24 July 2016

Follow Your Soul...

I have told y'all before I am a quote addict!

Because they are such wonderful nuggets of wisdom.
In a few words, a quote can inspire, motivate, touch your heart, build positivity or simply make you feel good on a bad day!

Enjoy today's newest addition to the quote collection.

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21 July 2016

Mia Bella Passions Lime & Blueberry Cake...

This is a wonderful to eat, and visually appealing cake...

Bake it for a special occasion...

Or just because you want to treat the family!

The basic cake mixture has lime juice and zest in it.

And frozen blueberries...

Once the cake mix is creamed together, and placed in 3 cake pans,

a handful of blueberries is placed on top.

By doing this the berries stay on the top of the cake when cooked, 
and also stops the cake rising into peaks.
What we want is three thin layers of cake.

Whip up the creamy buttery lime icing and layer the cakes.
If you are not so fond of slathers of icing,
you could just sprinkle the cake with icing sugar at this stage,
slice and serve.

Or you can cover the entire cake with the icing,
with lime curls placed atop.

Lime and blueberries are not a common flavour combination,
but I think it's a delicious one.
I'm pretty sure you will agree once you have tried this cake.

Pop over HERE for the recipe to print.

19 July 2016

Rake Head Bird Or Butterfly Feeder...

Let's create a rustic upcycled bird feeder...

 I found an old rake head in the shed...
(you can source these at yard sales, or goodwill stores).

What better way to upcycle it than to use it as a bird feeder?
(Butterflies would enjoy this feeding station too...)

 I positioned the rake head on top of the old picket fence...

 Then used two large staple nails to attach it. 

Added some tangelo orange halves dripping with sweet juice...

The bird life instantly approved!

It turned out to be a most popular addition,
 to the many bird feeding areas in Mia Bella Gardens.

No butterflies yet as it's winter in Mia Bella Gardens...
but I hope they will come for a visit in summer.

#diy #rake #upcycle #birdfeeder

17 July 2016

You are enough.

I'm quite fond of inspirationals...
there is nothing more inspiring than looking up at your mood board,
and reading your favourite quotes.

This one is extra special...
because we all have moments of self doubt.

You are enough.
Yes you are!
Just remember that my friends.

And to remind yourself of this,
print this floral pretty quote frame or pin to your mood board.

#flower #quote #inspirational 

14 July 2016

Coffee Coconut Picnic Cake

Coffee Coconut Picnic Cake...
for your Spring, Summer or Winter picnics.

 The cooled baked cake is iced with a creamy coffee icing.
 The icing is quite strongly flavoured with coffee...
 Team it with a frothy latte in the winter...
in the spring or summer - iced coffee and cream.

A moist cake, with a very subtle hint of coconut.

And pure 'Heaven' for the coffee lover!

12 July 2016

DIY Coffee Table Succulent Bowl...

As y'all know it's winter here in the southern hemisphere,
so I'm always on the lookout for some greenery in the decor.
Succulents in a bowl are a much needed pop of nature during the cold, bleak wintery days.

I selected two baby succulent plants from the garden centre.

This fish bowl was in the blog bit's and pieces I might need one day cupboard.

I gathered some stones from the garden path...
and placed those in the base of the glass bowl

The next layer was a quality potting mix, 
into which the little succulents were planted.

This one is a baby plant off a succulent in the garden.

The next step once the plants were in the bowl was...

To add a layer of white decorative pot plant stones.
The bowl was placed on a wooden tray with a shabby green paper base.
(I got this from The Warehouse for $12 in a sale).
Just remember there is no drainage in a planter like this,
and the plants are succulents so minimal watering is required.
These plants get afternoon sun for 5 hours sited on this table, 
so you need to move them in a sunbath area regularly if sunlight limited. 

Some wonderful living decor for the winter months.

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