16 August 2016

The Copper Upcycle No2...

I made this driftwood heart way back in February 2015 
for the Office makeover.
It was super easy to make,
but it has had it's time done as office wall decor.

let's do another quick and easy upcycle,
in oh so fabulous copper....

The copper spray paint created more magic

And I LOVE it!

This little corner of my art studio is already looking like a mini makeover has happened as I collect copper inspired pieces
for the upcoming BIG Spring art studio makeover...

To find out how to make the simple driftwood heart visit HERE.

#upcycle #spraypaint #diy


  1. I like the before piece and really love it in copper. Amazing what a little paint can do.

  2. That is really beautiful Tracey. It is made of humble materials but takes on a special glow when painted with the copper. Pinning .

  3. Hi Tracey, I love the look of the copper heart and your painting is stunning Thanks for sharing with us at #SimplifyWednesdays Pinned, Tweeted, Shared

    Carla a.k.a Mrs R @ SimplifyLifeWithMrsR.com

    1. Thank you Carla. There is some serious copper overload happening at my place. lol

  4. I love the copper look you've given this, Tracey Lee. Looking forward to seeing the big makeover.


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