One pot Citrus Yoyo's...

Yoyo Biscuits
Yoyo's = YUM!
These are just like Grandma used to bake, made with the custard taste.

But with the added flavour of zesty ORANGE...

One Pot mix  = EASY!
The butter is melted not creamed with the sugar as traditionally prepared.

You simply mix the ingredients in one pot, 
shape into small balls,
press with a fork and bake.
The yield is 54 single Yoyo biscuits.
You can serve them with a sprinkling of extra icing (powdered) sugar if you prefer.

Yoyo Biscuits
27 joined with the tangy orange icing.

I prefer them joined with icing.

So delectably good.

Pop over here for the printable recipe.

Yoyo's and orchids = LOVE!

One Pot Citrus YoYo's

In a large pot melt:

400 grams (14.11 ounces) of salted butter.

Then add:

The finely grated zest from one orange.

1/2 cup custard powder

1 cup sifted icing (powdered) sugar

3 and 1/2 cups plain flour.

Mix well.

Shape into small balls, then place on baking paper lined trays.

Press down with a fork.

Bake at 180 Celsius  ( 356 Fahrenheit) for 10 - 15 minutes until slightly golden.


Join with Orange Icing:

Beat 150 grams (5.29 ounces) of soft butter with the juice of one fresh orange.

Add 1 and 3/4 cups icing sugar.

Beat until creamy.

Join biscuits.

Yield - 54 single biscuits or 27 joined.

The unjoined biscuit can be sprinkled with Icing (powdered) sugar for serving.

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