27 November 2016

Faux Rust Meets Christmas!

There are a few tricks on creating faux rust on objects,
but this one is probably the easiest!

To make faux rust Christmas letters:

you need pre painted white wood letters.

White craft glue or mod podge.
Ground cloves and cinnamon.

On a newspaper covered table, use a paint brush to spread the glue on to each letter one by one. 
Sprinkle/ or sieve over the cinnamon.
Add more glue is needed to throw on pinches of cloves..
The cloves is darker than the cinnamon so it gives a nice rust worn patina.

I created a rusty 'HOHO' 
How cool is that?
The bonus is all that cinnamon and cloves is
making my sitting room smell 'Oh so much like Christmas'!

#christmas #craft #letters #cinnamon


  1. Very neat idea! I'm sure it does smell really good. Great "hack"! Visiting from Snickerdoodle Sundays party.

  2. What a great idea! I love the look and having the wonderful aromas is a bonus! Thanks for partying with us!

  3. Awesome idea, Tracey! Aww the scent of cinnamon and cloves drifting through the air must really bring on the Christmas spirit xo

    Carla aka Mrs R @ SimplifyLifeWithMrsR.com

  4. Ha! This is absolutely brilliant I never would have expected the use of spices to spice up the letters. Merry Christmas Tracey!


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