14 December 2016

TIM TAM Pressie Treat...

What a fun one this is...
Tim Tams...Berry Lollies...and an Icing bow.

Let me show you how to create a TIM TAM Pressie Treat.

You will need:
5 packets of white chocolate tim tams
melted white chocolate
Berry lollies
Red Ready to Roll Icing
and Soft White icing 
(I used Dr.Oetker brand available from Countdown)

 On a prepared board -
 place 18 tim tams to form a square shape.
Join all the tim tams with a dots of melted white chocolate to stabilize.
Add another layer of 14 tim tams as shown.
'Glue' in place with more melted chocolate.

Counter layer the final layer as shown.

Then add two tim tams as the base for the bow.
The bow is created using ready to roll icing.

Two rectangles supported by wax paper covered rolls.
Two long pieces for ribbons.
A small centre wrap for the middle of the bow.

Leave the rolls in for 24 hours until the icing has hardened.

Add lollies and icing decoration as desired.

Then pipe the detail.

What more could a Tim Tam lover wish for?

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  1. Oh my goodness this look so beautiful and delicious!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!


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