12 April 2016

A 10 Minute Table Centrepiece...

To create a 'Ten Minute Table Centrepiece', 
take one interesting tray.
(To learn how to make a mosaic on ply tray visit HERE.)
Add some vases...

Some single blooms...
I used dahlias.

and some antique silverware.
This little set fitted perfectly in the far end of the tray.

 It is the latest addition to my silver collection.
It has white enamel inside...

 The embossing is simply gorgeous.
Very French.
And oh so dainty!

So for the first week the vases had Dahlias in them.

Because they are such beautiful flowers.

Even the buds are interesting to look at!

 Then in week two...
The flowers were changed.
 This is lisianthus.
One of my favourites and a wonderful long lasting cut flower.
I have never succeeded in growing these in the home garden, 
and I'd love to know if you have managed to grow them...
What's your secret?

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