26 July 2016

Growing Rhododendrons In Pots...

I have always enjoyed rhododendrons.
I love the garden varieties that grow into beautiful large shrubs and trees.
Fabulous if you have a large garden!
But then I discovered they are incredibly easy to grow in pots.
There are many varieties available now with dwarf or small shrub status which are the best for using in pots.
Vireya rhododendrons can become waterlogged planted  in the garden,
and I have found these do particularly well in pots too.

I give my plants a spray using a general insecticide once in the spring,
and two or three times over summer to treat and prevent bug infestations like spider mite and mealy bug.

The beauty of growing Rhododendrons in pots is you can easily move them.
If you think it's not liking a certain position, 
move somewhere new, until the plants happy condition and growth let's you know you've got right!

Rhododendron and Azalea Care List:
* Use a good quality potting mix
*Use a long life fertiliser pellet
*Water regularly
*Spray with an insecticide in Spring and summer.
*Repot every two years.

And to thank you,
you will have a profuse blooming season.

Azaleas also grow exceptionally well in pots too.

I treat them the same as the rhododendrons,
with a spring and summer insecticide spray.

They need a lot more watering in the summer months,
but once they bloom you will be so happy.

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