27 November 2016

Faux Rust Meets Christmas!

There are a few tricks on creating faux rust on objects,
but this one is probably the easiest!

To make faux rust Christmas letters:

you need pre painted white wood letters.

White craft glue or mod podge.
Ground cloves and cinnamon.

On a newspaper covered table, use a paint brush to spread the glue on to each letter one by one. 
Sprinkle/ or sieve over the cinnamon.
Add more glue is needed to throw on pinches of cloves..
The cloves is darker than the cinnamon so it gives a nice rust worn patina.

I created a rusty 'HOHO' 
How cool is that?
The bonus is all that cinnamon and cloves is
making my sitting room smell 'Oh so much like Christmas'!

#christmas #craft #letters #cinnamon

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