Silver A Little Seaside Charm...

I am forever changing up the decor in my home.
And wanted something simple...
that also incorporated old music sheets 
for on top of the coffee table.
So I created a little 'Silver Seaside Charm'.

Painted Shells
I used a simple box from my collection,
a French Country style tray
an old music sheet
beach found shells

Painted Shells
and my favourite silver spray paint.
Painted Shells
What I love about this spray paint is its metallic mirror-like gloss.
It is very effective when sprayed onto shells.
Painted Shells
Honestly, this project was completed in 20 minutes.
All I did was:

Measured and cut a piece of old music sheet to fit the little box tray.
Spray-painted the shells using 'PlastiKote' Brilliant Metallic.

Painted Shells
I waited 15 minutes for the paint to dry.
Then put the shells onto the music sheet paper in the box.

Painted Shells
Onto the coffee table, it went.
It was perfect for inside the botanical tray.

Painted Shells
And even more perfect beside the 'Beach Lovers Terrarium'.
DIY Terrariums
(You can find out how to make that HERE.)
Honestly, this project was completed in 20 minutes.
You can use whatever metallic paint colour you like, gold, bronze, or copper, but just select the super glossy type so you get the shiny shell end result.
And if you don't have a beach near to collect shells from, most craft stores sell shells, or you can source them from places like Amazon online.
I'm really happy with how the painted shells turned out for this simple DIY shell decor project.

Shell Craft
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