DIY Your Own Tea Cup Candle Holder...

The Tea Cup Candle Holder is the quickest DIY ever.
It takes just five minutes to put together.
And after 24 hours glue drying time is ready to use or gift!

Take one pretty teacup...
I used a Maxwell and Williams cup and saucer set,
from Farmers purchased for $7.50 at half price. 
But you can use vintage cups and saucers matched or mismatched for a more delicate pretty look.

 You'll also need a ball candle.
This one was just $2 from Briscoes sale.

 Using a ceramic or bonds anything glue,
put a large dollop on the base of the cup.

Centre the saucer onto the upturned cup and glue. 

 Leave 24 hours for glue to dry.
Then place the ball candle on the saucer.

 How quirky is that?
Plus that saucer catches all the wax drips.

Light and enjoy 
gift to someone else.

#diy #candleholder #craft 

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