Easy Valentines Berry Trifle...

This trifle is the easiest dessert to create in a jiffy.
If you have a busy life, then this is the perfect dessert for Valentines night...

Use: pre a made cream or jam filled rolled sponge roll cake

Pre made custard and a little whipped cream.
Plus fresh berries of your choice.

And an easy to prepare chocolate ganache.
Easy Chocolate Berry Trifle can be alcohol free,
or tipsy it up a little by adding a sprinkle of sherry,
 or chocolate flavoured liqueur to the sponge layers.

All you do is line a glass bowl with slices of sponge.

spread over custard.
Then the berries.

Add a swirl of ganache...

Top with more sponge slices, more whipped cream
and more berries. It's not the prettiest served on the plate,
 but the taste of deliciousness outweighs this by far.
The Chocolate Berry Trifle is a fav in our house,
 and even gets pre-orders as a Birthday dessert!

But I think it is a superb easy fix Valentines dessert too!

Printable recipe HERE.

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