8 February 2017

A Perfect Valentine's RED Petunia...

 I just have to introduce ya all to 'Petunia HOT ROD RED' by 'Enrich with Nature Plants'!
What a perfect Valentine red inspired flower.
 Beautiful, bright, RED...

that has an improved resistance to adverse weather!
That's a bonus don't you think?

Grow in full sun. 
Keep moist but not overly wet.

 'Hot Rod Red' Petunia can be grown in the garden bed,
pots, hanging planter baskets or window boxes.

Make an entrance statement with this plant on your porch, or front door entrance.
Incorporate it into your valentine display...
Potted in a dramatic white tin bucket as I have done...
Or bring the plant inside for a short term (2 day's max)
event display.

 'Hot Rod Red' Petunia
  - easy to grow...no problems with disease or bugs,
and loads of the most stunning red flowers...
Mia Bella Passions is in LOVE!

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