25 August 2017

'Baby Tears' Planter...❥

Baby Tears (aka Irish Moss or Soleirolia soleirlii)
is the sweetest little plant.

Originating from Italy, it is one of my favourites.
Little tiny leaves cascade down the evergreen stems
which give this plant the name of baby tears.

Perfect as a ground-cover due to it's spreading nature,
Baby tears grow in semi shade or full shade garden beds.
It looks lush and green all year round if kept moist.
(It's not fond of dry or frost!)
And it's super SIMPLE to propagate.
Just take a clump and plant where you want it to grow.
How easy is that?
And it is a superb weed suppressant.

Baby Tears is also fabulous to grow in pots indoors or out.
As well as in hanging baskets.
I like to plant mine in a plastic pot that I then place in an urn that's indoors.
Coconut fibre around the internal edge keeps the plastic pot hidden.
Even in the early stages of growth it is pretty.

Eventually it will cascade over the edge of the planter.
And when it is too big...
Root cuttings will be taken and a new plant started.

And if you are wondering about that hint of gold in the background of the first planter photograph,
yes - it's a new CUSHION...
The gold leaf image and cream cushion fits in with the decor PERFECTLY.
One can never have too many cushions can they?
And when I saw it in the Ezibuy HOME catalogue I had to have it.

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  1. It is a pretty little plant. I bet I it is a plant even I can grow.

    1. It's a very hardy wee plant, I'm sure you could grow it Debra :)

  2. It is such a precious plant. Looks magical in your pretty pot!


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