Re-purposed Light shade Flower Bowl...❥

Vintage milk glass light shades are BEAUTIFUL!
And ya all know how I LOVE flower bowls...
so it was a no-brainer as to what this ole light shade was about to become!

One problem was the GORGEOUS shape...
It did not sit flat on the table.

But that was nothing my trusty airdry clay could not fix!
(Seriously peeps - one should always have this stuff in the craft cupboard!)

I cut three pieces...

Rolled each into long sausage shapes...

Squeezed the three ends together...

And made a clay plait.

Then I checked sizing to create a plait base for the light shade.
Cut and joined it.
And left it to dry.

Once dry, the light shade bowl was placed on top.
The bowl filled with water and flowers.
Ahhh...upcycling satisfaction!

The flower of choice was a creamy white to pale yellow coloured camellia.
This is a favourite of mine.
It's called ' Jurys Yellow'.
It's vigorous, bushy and a shares profuse flowers from Autumn until Spring.
It has an upright habit of 2 metres by 1.5 metres.
Plant it in semi-shade for best flowers.
The bees LOVE this camellia too.

I love the way the light reflects on the glass!

I'm LOVING everything about my 'new' vintage milk glass vase!

#camelia #flower #upcycled #flowerbowl

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