21 December 2017

Busy Bees...

Sharing today a few photographs from my Southern Hemisphere Summer garden...

 The sun is shinning, it's lovely and warm, and the bees are busy collecting pollen.

 I'm loving the bright yellow cheer of these photographs.

And thank the busy bees for my future HONEY.  🐝

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20 December 2017

Cherry White Chocolate Blondie...❥

Cherry White Chocolate Blondie is 'Christmas in a MOUTHFUL'!
The flavours induce childhood memories of my mothers Christmas cake.

 Using brown sugar in the mix adds to the deliciousness.
It's super easy to whip up.

 After it's baked and cooled - 
use a Christmas template to decorate with Icing Sugar.

 Cut out the template you have chosen...

 and sprinkle with sieved icing sugar.

 Carefully remove the template.

Repeat so you have two images on the blondie. 

It is such an easy way to decorate a cake, slice, brownie or blondie... 

You will find the printable recipe HERE.

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18 December 2017

Mia Bella Passions: Two Little Christmas Trees...❥

I never told ya all here at Mia Bella Passions Blog -

in October I said goodbye to my little white dog.
She was very sick.
And I could not make it better.
It was the hardest thing.
And since then...
Even though Mia Bella Passions rocks on in all it's creative glory,
I am numb with the grief of losing her.
And it has had an impact on Christmas.

 she is not here.
 she was a huge part of Christmas.

So I thought that this year ,
Instead of my full on Christmas I would just decorate two little trees.

One a 'Gracie' memorial tree in white.

And one silver with birds and faux parcels.
Because she loved watching birds.

And she knew a present when she saw one.
I will miss her crazy excited parcel unwrapping antics.

So Mia Bella Passions Christmas 
and full of love...
and memories...
of a wonderful friend and companion of 12 years.

16 December 2017

Cinnamon Scroll Cookies and Eggnog...❥

Make it MERRY with a fun Christmas family games night and supper.
Spend the evening having some good old fashioned fun...
Have a basket ready for all those phones and gadgets 
because they are banned for the night!
Enjoy card games.
Board Games.
And each others company.

When the games are over,
celebrate the season with a supper of cinnamon scroll cookies
 and a special Cinnamon Egg Nog.

Be a little bit naughty and enjoy the egg nog
with swirls of cream and cinnamon on top.
(this is an alcohol free version so is family friendly)

Cinnamon scroll cookies recipe HERE.

Cinnamon Egg Nog recipe HERE.

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13 December 2017

Blackboard Christmas Tree Art....❥

This must be the easiest decoration to create for your Christmas Decor.
And its also a fun one for the kids to make too.

 All you need is a dollar store blackboard and some chalk.

Draw a Christmas tree in chalk.

You can also print Christmasy words around the outside of the tree to if you like.

#christmasdecor #christmascrafts #cristmaskidscrafts

11 December 2017

Berry Button Gift Tags...❥

Create the ideal adornment for your gifts...
with easy to make 'Berry Button Gift Tags'.
They are super cheery!

 All you need to create them are:
Green felt
Some dollar store ready made tags - plain or glittered.
Buttons in 3 sizes. 
Craft glue.

Cut free form green leaves.

Glue leaves and buttons on to tag as shown.

Add a tie cord.
Once dry it's ready to add to your gift!

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9 December 2017

A Snowy Luminary...❥

DIY a some gorgeous festive bling.
Or make one to gift and share the love of Christmas.

All you need to make these Snowy Luminaries are:
A Clear jar with an opening big enough to place a small tealight or candle.
(I used one that was 13cm tall , with a opening that is 7cm wide)

A small bag of Epsom salts.
(Epsom Salts makes fabulous fake snow.)

Matt Mod Podge glue.

Some decorations for the neck of the jar.
(rope, christmas ribbon, faux berries & pine or anything Chjristmasy)

To make:
Coat the bottom 3/4 of the jar in a Mod Podge glue.

 Roll in the Epsom Salts

Press the salts onto the glue.
Set aside to dry.
Then paint a second layer of Mod Podge over the Epsom Salts to set it to the jar.
Set aside to dry.
Bind the jar neck with the twine.

Add your embellishments. 

I used:
natural twine for the neck of the jar
some faux berries
and some gold plastic leaves.

I always save bits from old decorations for crafting new things.

 And a tea light candle.
I wish you could smell these ones...
OH MY they are so delicious you could almost eat them!
Handmade by Living Light - Golden Bay - New Zealand

Place the Snowy Luminary in your Christmas home decor and light at night.

And you have your own DIY Festive Bling.

Or gift to someone special this Christmas.

#christmas #christmascraft #candles #luminary

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