9 April 2017

Robin Egg Blue Outdoor Furniture Upcycle...

The outdoor furniture upcycle was on the 'to do' list for a long time...
And finally it happened!
It is Autumn now, but the little side patio was looking oh so sad.
Plus this wee spot is a perfect coffee hideaway even in winter.  
(Coastal lifestyle means no snow here!)

The old rusty 'past the use by date' table and two chairs were scrubbed down with a wire brush.
Then washed and left to dry.
The paint I used is called 'Rust-oleum'.
A paint and primer in one easy to use sprayer.
This paint is available in New Zealand at Bunnings.
The colour I used is called 'Robins Egg' in matt.

 I'm loving this can design in spray paint. 
Trigger mechanism that's easy to use.
Fab coverage.  
(It took one and a half cans to cover the table and two chairs, so that means extra is available for patch ups in the Spring).

 I painted some old pots white,
 and potted some vibrant shocking pink cyclamen.

What I'd like to make are some round cushions for on the chair seats  - that's next on the list!

 Another cyclamen potted in another painted pot...

 In a white bucket on the step...
shocking pink cosmos.
And sweet pink snapdragons.
 I am totally crushing on the Robin Egg colour!!!

 In the larger pots stock, impatiens, cosmos and snapdragons were planted.
What a amazing transformation of a table set I had all but given up on...
I love you spray paint!
 And the addition of cream and white pots of pink and white flowers just adds to a relaxing beautiful space.
I'm hoping the cosmos has time to seed down before winter arrives.

And the rain overnight left sweet water droplets on my newly planted flowers.
A reminder to stop and enjoy the little things...

#upcycling #pink #duckeggblue #patio

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