5 March 2018

Pastel Painted Glassware...

This is a 'Quick and Easy' painted glassware project.
Honestly it took an entire FIVE MINUTES!
You will need some glass items.
I have used a mini vase, jug, and wide neck bottle.
And you will also need some paint in pastel colours of your choice.
I use the Rust-oleum brand of spray paint as it has a fabulous coverage.
I chose Duck Egg, Gloss White, and Citron in matte.
Make sure you use a quality paint like Rust-oleum because it makes a huge difference to the project end result!

You need to be in a well ventilated area to spray the glassware.
What you do is shake can to mix paint well,
and place the nozzle in the glassware opening and spray, turn glassware, spray.
Until you have a good coverage of the inside.

Clean up any painty finger prints and drips then set aside to dry.
I'm going to use this pretty pastel painted glassware on my Easter Sideboard in my dining room.
Once I have finished all my Easter inspired pieces I'll show you the finished vignette.
Meantime....I think I need to create some pastel paper flowers to go with this pastel bunch of glassware pretty!

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