28 February 2018

Easy Sew Lavender Pillows...❥

Easy Sew Lavender Pillows are something I sew every few years...
they are handy to have on hand for when you need that unexpected gift to give.
I use mine under my bed pillow because lavender not only has a wonderful aroma,
it is very calming and helps aid sleep.
There are about 450 different varieties of lavender.
It is very easy to grow and take cuttings from in Spring to create new plants.
I have Lavender growing in various parts of the garden.
The plants like a sunny position that's well drained.

The lavender I grow is English Lavender (Lavandula augustifolia)
I like this one because it has a strong scent and drys well.  
The scent actually lasts well over a year once dried.

To make  the 'Easy Sew Lavender Pillows' you will need:

sewing machine
Needle and thread
Buttons and ribbon bows if embellishing the pillows

Step one:
Cut on fold - the fabric into into a rectangle measuring 16 x 14 centimetres.

Step two:
Sew edges together leaving a good size gap for putting lavender in.
Turn right side out.

Step three:
Poke corners out with a skewer.

Step four:
Press with iron.

Step five:
Stuff with dry lavender. 
Then stitch an outside edge around whole pillow to seal opening and give detail edging to pillow.

Step six:
Stitch a button or bow of ribbon on front if desired.

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  1. Lavender must be one of my favorite scents. It's always so calming. Love your little pillows, I can just imagine how lovely it must smell if you add them to the cloths drawers. Pure bliss


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