15 March 2018

Upcycled Egg cups...

This upcycle began as a set of very retro egg cups found at the second hand shop...
They were from the 70s made from wood and ceramic.

I got all four for for 40 CENTS.
Gotta love a bargain!!
Now if I was a Retro fan they would just be left in all their original glory...
but y'all know me now I'm sure...
and white is for me.

So out came that trusty spray paint...
Rustoleum of course,
and in a matter of minutes - Retro became French Country.
A crime to some I'm sure.
But for me white is the obvious match for my white dinner set.

Though I did leave the insides of the egg cups the original gold ceramic for a nice contrast.

These sweet textured and now white egg cups will be used...

as quirky window flower vases,
for this Easter, the themed decor has extended to the kitchen.
And aren't these so sweet on the window sill.

And also to be used as an egg cup.

Because I love boiled eggs too!

What a win win!
cute and pretty...but also practical!


  1. Thank you for sharing your upcycled egg cups at Snickerdoodle. I am featuring your egg cups at the party today.

  2. I love them in white! I would not have even thought of re-purposing them like that and would have walked right on by. Pinned.


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