29 April 2018

DIY Farmhouse Vase Topper...❥

Do you have vases that you place the flowers in to and they instantly fall to the side.
Flower or foliage placement is a disaster as the stems just don't stay put?
Then your flower arrangement looks hickley pickley,
 and is not the fabulously arranged vision of beauty you had in your mind.

Do you enjoy Farmhouse styling?
Well here is an easy DIY solution to that flower arranging frustration!
Make a Farmhouse wire net vase topper.
Here's how...

You'll need a vase...
 This large decorative bowl leaks so I placed an internal vase inside it.

 You will need some chicken wire netting, and some wire cutters.
Also some gloves to protect your hands.

 Place the netting on top of the vase.
Cut the netting into a circle with a 3 centimetre excess.

 With gloved hands turn under the wire netting to make a finished edge.

 You can twist and blend all those loose wire ends or trim off.

 If you are using an internal vase in a larger vessel, fill with water.
Place your Farmhouse vase topper in place.
And prepare your chosen flowers.

Poke your trimmed flower and foliage stems into place through the holes in the wire netting.
The netting holds each stem in perfect position! 

Wire Vase Topper
Such a simple solution to holding the flowers and foliage stems in place.
The Farmhouse Vase topper makes for easy arrangements.
I truly wish I had made one DIY style before now.

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