29 May 2018

DIY Jar Of Fairy Wishes...❥

Fairy Craft
A 'Jar Of Fairy Wishes'...
Isn't this the most special idea.
And what a wonderful gift for a fairy lover!
You can make the jar of fairy wishes any size you like...
but I opted for a cute mini hexagonal style jar.
These wee jars come in a range of sizes and you'll find them at Briscoes.
I chose it because of the blue gingham print lid, 
knowing that this jar of fairy wishes would be on a shelf with my blue and white pieces.

To make your own 'Jar Of Fairy Wishes' you'll need:

*Dried dandelion seed heads
(whole and in pieces - I just picked them whenever I saw them and popped them into a large glass in my china cabinet and left the for about three weeks to dry out.)

*A jar with a lid or cork top.
(remember the bigger the jar the more dried dandelion you will need)

*Cord, ribbon or string to tie a bow at neck of jar.

*Scrapbook embellishments to decorate the lid or cork of the jar.

To Make:
Carefully fill your jar with whole and pieces of dandelion seed-heads.

Embellish the lid to pretty it up and to hide the writing on it.

I used a pre cut flower shape
I glued this in place.

Then I topped that shape with another sequined flower shape that was a little smaller.

Using blue and white twisted cord I tied a bow at the neck of the jar,
 and knotted the cut ends.

Then I added a couple of pretty paper flowers to each side of the bow.

I love fairies and I'm loving this Jar Of Fairy Wishes...
And I think I will be making more of these to gift!

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