8 July 2018

Cute Heart Winter Handwarmers...❥

Felt Heart
These wee gems are great for keeping the hands warm in Winter.
I made these for my Grandchildren and their mum to help keep their fingers toasty while watching soccer games from the sideline.

All you need is:
Some white beans
A heart template  
 Sewing machine

Cut out the heart template.
 Use this one or a any heart template from the web.

Place on the felt and draw around the outline with the pencil onto the felt.

Cut 2 hearts per hand warmer.

 Stitch in an overlock type stitch with a sewing machine around the heart leaving an opening.

You'll need a bag of white beans to fill the hearts.

Place beans in a small plastic bag and snip corner.

Place snipped corner into the heart and 3/4 fill will beans.

Stitch up the opening using the sewing machine.

To heat:

Place a small cup of water in microwave.
Place heart beside it on the turntable.
Heart for 23 seconds.
(my microwave is 1100w power)
Place into your pocket.

Felt Heart

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