26 June 2018

DIY Secret Book Storage....❥

secret storage
How cool is this?
Old books turned into secret storage.
It's actually quite easy to make - here's how...

You will need:
A strong cardboard box with or without a lid. (mine has a lid)
6 old books (or as many books to hide front and sides of the box)
A strong glue or a glue gun (I ended up using the glue gun)

Step One:  Dismantle enough books to cover the front of the box with the spines.

Step Two:  Use a cover page to cut to the shape of the row of books for the front of the box.

Glue the spines onto this.
Try to maintain the curvature of the book spine.

Step Three: Glue this front piece to the box.

Step Four: Glue the last two books to each side of the box.

Book craft
Place it high up on a shelf.
You now have a very funky 'set of old books' that actually has secret storage behind it.

#DIY #oldbooks #secretstorage

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