21 August 2018

Old Metal Tray Upcycle...

Frida Kahlo
I love trays...
I use them practically - for serving 
And to display bits and pieces in the decor.

Often as a low base layer in a vignette.

This old aluminium tray is one that I have had for about 20 years.
It certainly has that well worn patina.

I wanted to change it and decided to decoupage this old tray.
Decoupage paper is available from scrapbook and craft stores.
It's a very fine paper like tissue paper.
It comes in many beautiful designs.
 I chose a black and white perfume bottle design.

Isn't such a pretty paper?

And I think it looks fab with the aged silver of the tray.

First clean the tray, 
and then measure and cut the paper to fit.
I left about 5cm of the silver edge exposed.
Mod podge glue the base of the tray.

Press the paper carefully in place.
Smooth out any major unevenness and big wrinkles.  
Layer more glue on top and then place on the second layer of paper.
It leaves a shadow from the bottle pattern as the placement is uneven.
You could just do a  single layer of paper, but I wanted the shadow and a more wrinkled paper effect.

Finally paint a thick layer of modpodge over the top of the paper.
This acts as the final sealer.

Next I wanted to add a flat braided cord to define,
 and create interest around the outer edge of the paper.

Cut cord to fit.
I used to two pieces of cord as I wanted a round edge,
 and a square cut edge opposite each other.

Using a thick line of modpodge press cord on top of it.

Leave to dry for 24 hours.

Frida Kahlo
I'm so happy with my very pretty tray, upcycled with decoupage and cord.

Frida Kahlo
It really adds interest with another layer to my black and white "Frida Kahlo' display.

Frida Kahlo artwork by New Zealand artist - Tanya Leef. 

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