20 September 2018

Deck Side Table Makeover!

It's Spring in New Zealand!
And doesn't that wonderful warm sunshine kick you into Spring mode in a hurry.
Well it certainly has me.
The project this week was to update and refresh the little side deck table.

The old side table was actually beyond sad -
with the mosaic tiling lifting and even missing in places.
This wee table was built 20 years ago so it really has done well.
Once fixed I'm sure it will last many more years.
It was certainly time for some TLC and paint!

I removed the old mosaic.
Then replaced the wooden top with new.

I painted it with Annie Sloane chalk paint.

The colours used were: 
Graphite for the top.
Old White for the legs.
(I painted the old cane two seater couch too!)

Then stenciled leaf prints.

I used a real leaf to do this.
The rubber plant leaf is perfect as it is waxy and strong.

leaf stencil
One leaf stenciled the whole table.
The next day once the paint was dry I waxed it to protect it from the elements.
Even though this deck is covered by a roof, 
the elements sometimes get in via the open sides,
 and the wax will hopefully give some protection to the wind blown rain.

leaf prints
Doesn't it look fab?
Leaf stenciling has a real rustic effect, and I love that.
A perfect fit with chalk paint too.
And even though I was sad to see the mosaic go, 
I adore this little side table refurbishment,
it was time for something different.
Now I'm inspired to makeover the entire side deck...
That two seater cane couch is next on the list! 

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