DIY Crayon Dripped Candle Holder...

When we were children we made all the gifts we gave for birthdays and Christmas...
This drippy crayon candle was a popular one to make and gift.
So I thought it was a whole lot of fun,
 and a great memory instigator to craft one for my middle deck makeover.

It looks fabulous on the old mosaic table.

To make:
You will need an old bottle with a neck to fit a candle.
(I used a wine bottle)
Some crayons in your chosen colours.
Matches or a lighter.
Newspaper to protect your work surface.
And two large stick candles.

Place one stick candle in the neck of the bottle.

Peel the paper off the crayons.

Light the second candle.
And place the crayon in the flame.  

Drip down the neck of the candle in the bottle and on to the bottle.
Drip your crayons until you have your desired effect.

DIY Candle Holder
Place on your outdoor table.
Enjoy the ambient candlelight when alfresco dining.

#diy #crafts #candles 

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