7 March 2018

The CUTEST Rabbit Cake Ever...

Well ain't this the CUTEST rabbit cake you ever did see?
There is a bit of fiddly prep,
but actually it is not too hard to create.
This cake was for a 3 year old girls birthday.
But would it not be the most fun cake to serve to family and friends this EASTER?

The first step in the week before making the cake,
you need to make the rabbit ears.

I just free hand drew the ear shape, 
but on the internet there are many free rabbit ear templates.
The ears were large at about 25 cm tall.

Then I cut out a smaller set of pink for the inner layer.
These were 15cm tall.

Then I decorated them.
The final step was to attach them to the iceblock stick with glue.

And this is the final result.

For the cake - I whipped up two packets of ready mix Strawberry cake.

These were baked in two large 23cm by 8cm deep cake pans.
Once cake is cold, remove it from pan and slice off tops so it's flat.
These cake slices can be frozen to use in trifle  type desserts.
Then ice the bottom cake layer (cut side up) with vanilla frosting, 
Top with other cake layer - with the cut side facing down to the frosting.

Place a thin layer of frosting over the entire cake.
Roll out white ready roll icing and cover the cake.

Then place the ears on top.

Make a pink strawberry frosting and create little swirls around the ears.
Decorate with edible paper flowers.
On the front pipe two eyes and a little pink nose.

To decorate the back of the cake place more pink icing swirls and more paper flowers.

It was a huge HOPPY hit at this Birthday Party...

And I think it would be as equally fabulous as a Easter cake.

The Rabbit cake was almost as big as the Birthday Girl!!

Pre Packet cake mix is a real timesaver...
and you know what?
It was pretty delicious too!

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