10 April 2018

'Reserved For The Cat' cushion...❥

Ever since I saw this cushion with words only on Etsy I wanted one.
But cos I am a DIY'er I had to create my own.
I found a stone coloured linen cushion by haven gallery at Farmers reduced to $20 from $70!
I just love the simplicity of the fabric weave.

The first step was to design the wording and I also added a crown image.
I printed this in black ink onto an A4 paper sheet.

Then cut a piece of cotton fabric to the same size.
The Fabric was sellotaped to the paper.

Onto a bright sunny window this was taped.

Then I used a fabric marker pen in black to copy the crown and wording.
Once dry, I removed it from the window and paper back, 
and I ironed the reverse side of the fabric to set the ink.

Fabric Marker Pens come in all colours but I used black for this project.

With the iron I pressed in place 5cm turned edges.
Then I removed the cushion inner from the cover.

Measured the centre placement and pined the fabric written wording onto the cushion cover.
It was really just a matter of a quick double stitched outline to keep it all in place, using a sewing machine.
Place the inner back into the cushion cover,

Reserved For The Cat Cushion
voila - I now have my own 'Reserved For The Cat' Cushion.

Lovely little Lola the Rescue Kitty looks so tiny behind it...
The Lola story is yet to be told...
Another day.  :)
Until then I am crushing on my cushion!

#diy #cushion #design #reservedforthecat #sewing

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