23 November 2019

The Thankful Heart Tree...

Bookpage Heart Decorations
Christmas is coming with leaps and bounds...
But before Christmas is Thanksgiving.
This DIY Thankful Heart Tree is an easy to create a decoration for the Thanksgiving holiday and then remain on display throughout the Christmas season too.

Bookpage Heart Decorations
The hearts are created using book page strips, that are stapled to shape.
The hanger is stapled on too.
A super fun activity for the kids to make.
And while you are folding and stapling your hearts, it's a good time to talk about gratefulness.

My tree is displayed on an upcycled trolley table.
You can find out how I did this HERE.

For Christmas add a
 Santa decoration to the vignette as I have here.
And a Christmas votive candle too.

The Christmas theme cushion on the chair is pretty cool too...

one side the tree is gold, the other it is silver.
This was bought from KMart online.

To make the Thankful Heart Tree:
You will need a vase and container to place it in or tin bucket vessel.
Florist foam.
An old book.
Fabric or lace to cover the foam.

Cut the book pages into strips.  You need two strips per heart.

Hold as shown.


Cut a length of twine. 

Bookpage Heart Decorations
Knot and place in the heart.

Place the florist foam in your vessel.
Place the branches into it.
Tie a twine bow on it.
Place the fabric or lace on top of the foam to disguise it.

Bookpage Heart Decorations
Hang your hearts on the tree.
Place in your Thanksgiving and/or Christmas Vignette.

#bookpagehearts #diyChristmas

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